real estate in las cruces

Is your Las Cruces Home Ready to Sell? 

This market has so many homes available to the buyer now that you must go above and beyond your competition in presenting your home to potential purchasers.  There are simple ways to spruce up your home and make it buyer friendly and move in ready.

Because buyers let their emotions rule their decisions, stage your Las Cruces Real Estate for your specific buyer profile.

You must allow the buyer to see their items in your home. You don't want them to be distracted by your personal photos and collection and completely forget your house altogether. Besides getting rid of clutter, pack your family photos, children's artwork, trophies, and personal effects. Keep things and decor as neutral as you can.

buying a home in Las Cruces NMHome staging strategies include setting up spaces with suggested activities that buyers perceive as a lifestyle change. You want home shoppers to think that if they choose your home, they will enjoy a new life. Set the table before an open house. Keep rooms decorated as they were meant to be; i.e. no work desk in the bedroom or living room. No toys in the kitchen etc..

If you have to move awkwardly around a piece of furniture maybe it's in the wrong place. Does it even need to be there? Are there too many pieces of furniture to a room? Not enough? Too many plants or not enough? Too much artwork on every wall or maybe only one? Find a balance. Keep fresh flowers out when showing. Make sure bed linens are fluffed and matching.

One of the best ways to see what buyers are looking for is to view some model homes
in the area. See how the layout flows and what simple and neutral art and decor they have. Lighting is a big issue. Is there enough to a room? Lamps can work wonders for the soft ambiance to a room either in the bedroom or living rooms.

By following some simple tips and staying up on what is selling around you, your home can gain more attention and ultimately an offer in no time. Call our offices today for more information on staging your specific home to suit Las Cruces buyers in today's market!