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10 Tips to Sell Your Las Cruces Real Estate Faster

Complete any undone repairs: When you first move into a home and for years Sell your Las Cruces Home fasterafter there are small issues that pop up that can tend to get put aside for other things. Now is the time to address those issues.  Fix the screens, oil that squeak, patch the cracks, paint the trim. The next buyer is not going to want to start that honey do list the moment they move in.

Get an Inspection:  Getting an inspection before you even list can help two ways. It can notify the seller of potential problems to take care of before buyers find them and if there are none, can help boost incentive on the home. It's a great idea to have an inspection report like this displayed on the table or counter of the home. Clear Clutter: Too much stuff makes rooms look smaller and focuses buyers' attention on your personal belongings rather than the Las Cruces Real Estate you're trying to sell. It may even be beneficial to remove up to a third of your items to allow more spacious rooms to buyers.

buying a home in Las Cruces NMDepersonalize and neutralize: Be sure to pack away all personal items and photos. Buyers have a hard enough time seeing themselves in the space, they certainly don't want to visualize you living here. Keep wall colors to soft, neutral colors and decor to simple and tasteful. Visit some model homes in the area if you have questions on how to stage a room.

Time for a Serious Deep Clean:  This is cleaning like you may have never done before. Clean and polish baseboards, scrub every fingerprint off light switches and windows and wash out the inside of light fixtures that can get forgotten over time.

You'll need to banish suspect smells as well; you don't want your house to become known in real-estate circles as "the litter box." If your pets have had one too many accidents, you may need to replace the affected carpet and padding and have the underlying floor sealed. If you're not sure how your place smells, get a trusting and honest friend or neighbor to break the news to you. Living in a home can sometimes make us immune to our own smells.