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Beautiful Mesilla Valley

To the far west of Texas and the Southern end of New Mexico lies the breath-buying a home in Las Cruces NM taking Mesilla Valley. It was formed by repeated heavy spring floods of the Rio Grande river. Mesilla Valley follows the Rio Grande for three miles along the Bosque, and includes an estimated 400 acres of land. 

The Mesilla Valley extends from about Hatch, New Mexico to the west side of El Paso, Texas. The valley is quite fertile, and is characterized by its few remaining Bosque, as well as its native cottonwood trees, and increasingly, by invasive tamarisk, which was introduced by Anglo settlers in the late 1800s, and is known locally as salt cedar which comprises about 50-60 species of deciduous or evergreen shrubs or small trees growing.

Due to the fertile nature of the valley, agriculture is a very important activity in this area. Cotton, chile, and corn are other important cash crops grown in the Mesilla Valley. The Mesilla Valley is also known for its wine-producing capabilities, which originated with the Spanish exploration into New Mexico.

buying a home in Las Cruces NM Along with being the center of commerce and culture in Southern NM, Las Cruces is surrounded by beautiful vistas and abundant wildlife. Close by are the Organ Mountains, White Sands & the Gila Wilderness. As an added bonus, the region is blessed with sunshine 350 days per year!

 The nearby historic Town of Mesilla, New Mexico is home to many galleries & boutiques filled with Southwestern treasures.

Come see for yourself why this area is so rich in history and beauty. When you want to stay permanently, choose a Las Cruces real estate partner to help you with every step of your move.