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Agents, You Should Join EXIT!



In today's real estate world, where "bigger is better" and companies are ranked based on their bottom line, EXIT Realty Horizons provides a fresh new approach to real estate brokerage... where the broker's welfare is the number one priority! Guess what? It works! As a result, EXIT has become the fastest growing real estate franchise EVER! The truth is... we really do care about the major asset of our company... our brokers!

The secret of our phenomenal growth is simple... While the "big guys" have been focusing on their profit margins and number-one rankings, we've been focusing on building a business where agents come first!

Whether you're a new broker just starting a career, a top producer improving your profitability, a veteran looking towards retirement, or a broker desiring to grow the most dominant brokerage in town, you owe it to yourself to learn more about EXIT Realty.

EXIT Realty is more than just another real estate company. It is a wonderful opportunity to those who are seeking a better way.

The EXIT Formula

The EXIT Formula is a system where you can earn "MORE" than 100% with NO DESK FEES!

The Salespeople are the ASSETS of a Brokerage!

Why put only ONE person in charge of recruiting, training, and retaining these assets?

10% Sponsoring Bonus Residuals

At EXIT, we encourage everyone to help build the company. We do this by providing a bonus equivalent to 10% of the gross commissions of every broker you directly sponsor into the company... anywhere in the world! This bonus is paid by our international Head Office as a bonus for helping to build the company.

For example, if you sponsor Jim into EXIT, you receive a bonus equivalent to 10% of Jim's gross commission, up to $10,000 per year as long as both you and Jim are a part of EXIT. The bonus comes from head office, so it doesn't reduce Jim's commission - could you do something with that?

Now please not that if Jim sponsors "Mary", Jim will receive 10% of Mary's gross commission up to $10,000 per year. You don't receive any financial bonus from Mary's work... but I bet Jim will be happier and keep working for EXIT... and for YOU!

EXIT is not "Multi-Level Marketing." It's only a one level Sponsoring Bonus... but just think about the bonus! And in this way, you have the opportunity to earn more than 100% commission, year after year after year. So answer this questions: How many "Jims" could you sponsor over the next ten years?

7% Retirement Residuals Benefit

But it gets better! What happens when most real estate brokers retire? Does the company care about them? Does your income continue? At EXIT it Does!

At EXIT, you will continue to receive a retirement bonus equivalent to 7% of the gross commission of the all the brokers you have sponsored into EXIT as long as they stay with EXIT, up to $7,000 per year each. Could this make a difference for you?

And this retirement benefit is ENHANCEABLE- Continue to sponsor new brokers into the company after you retire to enhance your retirement! What other company allows you to increase your retirement benefits? EXIT DOES!

5% Beneficiary

And what happens when the inevitability of death occurs? How have you planned to take care of your spouse, children or other beneficiaries? Does your company have a plan in the event of your untimely death? EXIT DOES!

At EXIT, your beneficiaries will continue to receive a death benefit equivalent to 5% of the gross commission of each broker you have personally sponsored into the EXIT system, up to $5,000 each annually. Could this help your beneficiaries?