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What you need to know when buying Las Cruces Real Estate

Buying a home is one of the biggest investments you can make but right now is one of the most excellent times for turning their home buying dreams into a reality.

It is critical that you find a home that best suits your lifestyle and budget. Don't be stuck on the raw end of the deal with a home you really can't afford.

If this is your first home there are some serious issues you need to be aware of.

6 steps every buyer should be aware of:

Start saving now. It's more than just the mortgage. Your down payment, closing costs, taxes, inspections, and insurance are all part of the home buying process. Every dollar saved now will contribute to the long-term equity of home ownership.

Make sure you understand and can assess your current financial situation and know where you might be in 1, 2 or even 5 years. Obtain a credit report and check for possible errors. You don't want something coming up with a lender that might have been a mistake.

This is a little different than a simple mortgage calculator online. This is sitting down with a lender and going over your finances with a fine tooth comb. Making sure you can afford a home and then put that figure onto paper. (Learn more about pre-approvals here)

With our website, you can have a large database of homes, properties, condos and lots all for sale in the Las Cruces Real Estate area.  Get a feel for what's out there and do drive-bys on homes you may be interested in. Be sure to contact our offices if you have additional questions about school districts, neighborhoods and community data. This is also a good way to distinguish between your "must-have's" to your "wish-lists".

We have brokers that specialize in communities and neighborhoods all over the Dona Ana County. We are certain you can find one that meets your needs and that you trust. A good broker will also help you narrow down your team to a good inspector, mortgage lender, lawyers if needed, escrow companies and any other team members.

Don't fall into the same situation so many foreclosure sellers are in right now. Be aware of every detail on your contracts and loan documents and if you don't understand, ask! If the lender won't be clear with you on what you are signing, maybe that is a sign, not to sign!

We want to help first-time home buyers and others every step of the way to owning your dream home. If you have any questions on a home you have viewed on our website, don't hesitate to contact us. We want to be your Las Cruces NM real estate professionals.